Strange Details Regarding The Las Vegas Shooting

The media and authorities have yet to address several game-changing details to the official narrative of the Las Vegas massacre. - Mariordo / CC BY-SA 4.0

I was not planning on talking about last week’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, but looking at all the reports that have come out over the week I couldn’t help but notice some inconsistencies in the official narrative as well as things that have yet to be explained to this day. That is not to say that the event as a whole is a hoax and never happened, however there has been conflicting information and in all likelihood something is being kept hidden from the public about the whole event.

The official narrative is that on the night of October 1st, 2017 at around 22:05 local time, 64-year-old multimillionaire Stephen Paddock opened fire on Country Music Festival concertgoers from the 32nd floor of his own hotel room in Mandalay Bay Hotel. He had set up cameras both inside and out to look out for anybody approaching the room. It was alleged the shooter committed suicide. When police went inside, over 20 weapons were found in the suite.

The first thing that immediately caught me was that 4chan thread that was dug up just after the massacre posted by an anonymous user. The thread was posted on September 11th, three weeks before the mass shooting. In a series of posts a certain “John” warns people of a “high incident project,” explaining that there is a secret plan to make the American public think that even places with high security are not safe. He advises people to avoid huge crowds of people in the area of Las Vegas or Henderson, explaining that they want to create more regulations and that in the next few years laws will be passed to put more metal detectors and other security devices. He claims the laws will be passed in the State of Nevada in all casinos and later on a federal level, in schools, universities, and any building with a potential risk. He says that he cannot guarantee that it will happen tomorrow, but that “Las Vegas is on their mind.”

The most interesting bit is that he lists the possible profiteers of this event, saying that OSI Systems and the Chertoff Group will eventually merge together into a single company around 2020 and will make billions in profit. He claims that Chertoff is in contact with Sheldon Adelson, who will become a huge sponsor of these machines and put them in his casinos. And that’s the last we’ve heard of him since.

Another interesting thing about casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is that last year he acquired the Las Vegas Review Journal with the intent of turning it into a pro-Israel Republican newspaper and the possibility of maximizing his influence in the gambling capital of the world. It was the leading local newspaper to cover the Las Vegas shooting. The billionaire was a Donald Trump supporter during the 2016 US election and was his largest donor with a total of over $25 million in donations to defeat Hillary Clinton. Oddly enough, Sheldon Adelson met with President Trump at the White House only a few hours after the massacre, but the meeting itself was already scheduled to take place before the mass shooting. It is evident that they talked about the shooting and future security measures.

The fact that this anonymous user was able to accurately predict both the location of the shooting three weeks before the mass shooting happened and the motive behind crafting such a conspiracy is surreal. We are already seeing the very first steps of his predictions being unfolded, with the media already pushing for metal detectors in hotels, some companies adding them in their hotels as a result of this massacre. The public is already conditioned into being in favor of more security, even less privacy where people will have to go through metal detectors to go into any high-interest building. There was no way these claims were coincidental; the poster must have known about a plot.

An intriguing detail is the witness report that circulated widely on social medias around an hour after the mass shooting. The Las Vegas eyewitness, interviewed by TV channels after the news broke, claimed that some 45 minutes before the first shots were fired a Hispanic woman irritated another lady then told them that “they were all going to die tonight.” There is no evidence of this event ever happening. The CEO of the company that handled security at the concert, Damon Zumwalt, allegedly said this was a “false report” according to BuzzFeed.

There have been numerous claims that there was more than one shooter. The night of the shooting, LVPD radio communications stated the possibility of a second shooter on the fourth floor. Then, a taxi-driver released his footage on Facebook, asserting that the shots were coming from the 4th floor as his video seems to confirm. Oddly enough, his video was deleted.

To this day, the motive of the mass shooting is still unclear. Why would a 64-year-old multimillionaire just decide to shoot some hundreds of concertgoers with no motive whatsoever? Law enforcement immediately rejected the possibility of the shooter being radicalized by ISIS, despite the terrorist group insisting it was one of their soldiers. Interestingly, the CEO of MGM Resorts International, the company that owns the Mandalay Bay Hotel, James Murren, was recently accused of funding Hamas, an organization generally likened as a terrorist group similar to that of ISIS. More specifically, he was accused of funding the CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), a group founded by a Hamas operative to serve as their public relations and recruitment group in the United States.

Even more troubling is that James Murren is also a member of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, and participates in the Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience National Research and Development Plan, a group of people tasked with finding ways to encourage private industries to implement more security technology (like metal detectors).

The massacre has undeniably sparked new “debates” on gun control and metal detection security. Was this terrorist attack an act of pure evil by a lone wolf, or is there more to it that we are not being told?