Yesterday evening, President Trump acknowledged the persecution of White South African farmers in a tweet ordering his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to look into the situation closely. This puts the situation into the spotlight of most of the mainstream media as land seizures of White farmers’ land have just begun. His tweet is in response to Tucker Carlson’s segment about the situation in South Africa, where he called the recent report from Mike Pompeo’s State Department “unbelievable” as it ignored the blatantly racist policies of the South African government stealing White farmers’ land.

Earlier this week, the first two farms were expropriated as part of the ANC’s plan to seize White-owned land without compensation, from a total of up to 190 targeted farms according to a leaked list. The land expropriation began after failed negotiations with the White farmers, as they refused the government’s offer of just 10% of the land’s worth. The ANC called for land expropriation to challenge Section 25 of the Constitution, to experiment whether the current text allows the practice without compensation. The government is granted the power of expropriating land for the “public interest” with an agreement needed either by the affected parties or the court. The ruling party also supports amending the constitution to facilitate land expropriation with no compensation, and is expected to by the end of the year.

Julius Malema, a loud voice behind the expropriation movement and a member of the South African parliament, responded to Trump’s tweet, saying he is not scared, and slandering him as a pathological liar. He later said his party is ready to go to war over the land. Malema is known for his outrageous anti-White background, chanting “Shoot the Boer” several times to cheering crowds (for which he was charged for hate speech). In February 2018, he said during a political rally that he wanted to remove Athol Trollip from office because he is White, continuing: “They will be touched—don’t worry. But we are starting with this whiteness. We are cutting the throat of whiteness.” In June, he said he has not called for the murder of White people at least for now, dismissing people who take offense to this statement as “cry babies” in an interview with TRT World.

President Trump’s tweet was met with sickening criticism from the American Left, calling the tweet a “white nationalist” talking point. Leftists took to Twitter to denounce the President as a white supremacist for bringing to light the current persecution of White people in South Africa. Mainstream media outlets, such as Vox and the New York Times, claim there is no evidence of a genocidal campaign against White farmers in South Africa, dismissing it as an “alt-right,” “neo-Nazi” conspiracy theory, while others believe land expropriation is the path to equality as “Whites stole the land,” both completely false.

It is undeniable that White South African farmers are on the brink of facing more violent attacks if not a genocide if things continue escalating. There is no plausible scenario in which stripping away White farmers’ land without compensation will not escalate into a major conflict with White people fighting back to defend their land from being taken away from them. The many farm attacks and murders of White people in the country are also well-documented, although the media is complicit in the misleading reporting of such attacks, an AfriForum report found.

Since the end of the apartheid in 1990, White South Africans have been victims of  discrimination and at least two farm attacks everyday and two farm murders each week according to AfriForum Deputy CEO and civil rights activist Ernst Roets. Afrikaners are severely disadvantaged by affirmative action; the Black Economic Empowerment program prioritizes black people over White people for jobs they would be more qualified. Millions of White South Africans left the country since the 1990s to escape increasing persecution.

While until now, little media coverage has been given to the attacks and the overall situation of White farmers in South Africa, some countries have responded to the humanitarian crisis, considering admitting White South African refugees looking to flee persecution. Earlier in March, an Australian politician suggested Afrikaners are persecuted and they should be allowed to seek refuge in Australia; he was called a racist, and the suggestion was said to be a step back to a White Australia immigration policy. Last month, it was reported that Russia was considering admitting 15,000 South African refugees. In the US, a White House petition was launched to give priority to White South African refugees, but was signed by only 21,902 people, far less than the goal of 100,000 to get a response from the Trump administration. Back in 2009, the ANC called Canada’s ruling to give an Afrikaner refugee status “racist.”